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Evening Hours

Monday - Friday: 5pm to 9pm

Saturday: 3pm to 7 pm

Sunday: 3pm to 7pm

Daytime Hours

Tuesday-Thursday 11:30am to 3pm





We are locally owned and have been practicing for over 47 combined years in community retail pharmacy. 

We are attentive to our community's health and pharmacy needs.

Refresh Pharmacy is an after hours pharmacy located within the Onyx Urgent Care Clinic in Kitchener.

Our commitment is to be able to serve our patients conveniently...especially for working families and students when missing work or classes is not an option.

Our convenient hours and services (with Onyx Urgent Care Clinic) will take pressure off the emergency departments of our community hospitals.
Our pharmacists offer friendly and caring expertise and are always aware of providing the most efficient service to get you on your way.

They also provide more than just prescription and over-the-counter medications....they provide expert advice, support, and are a trusted source of medical and health information. 



Open 7 days

a week

Accepting all major

insurance plans

Short waiting


No appointment needed




We fill all physician prescriptions to the pharmacy or faxed from physicians’ offices.

Prescribing for 13 Minor Ailments

As of January 1, 2023, pharmacists can now assess patients and prescribe and treat minor ailments such as urinary tract infections, pink eye, acid reflux, muscle strains & sprains, dermatitis, oral thrush, cold sores, impetigo, tick bites, insect bites and hives, hay fever, hemorrhoids, and menstrual cramps.


Specialty Medical Supplies:

We sell and fit pneumatic (air) walking boots for ankle and foot sprains/fractures.

We provide official receipts for patients to claim for these medical supplies.

We also provide rentals for crutches.


Prescription Transfers:

You can transfer any of your existing prescriptions to Refresh Pharmacy by simply speaking to any of our staff. They will require some information from your so that we can contact your previous pharmacy to receive the correct prescription information for us to fill your medications. However, any narcotic or controlled prescription cannot be transferred as per regulations. We can clarify any questions pertaining to the eligibility of prescriptions that can be transferred. Just remember that it is your right to choose which pharmacy provides service for your based on their professional services and your trust with your pharmacist.


Medical Waste Disposal:

We accept all unused or expired medications and over-the-counter products for destruction by approved specialized companies in a safe and environmentally friendly process.


Compliance Packaging:

We provide special weekly blister packaging of medications for patients that have difficulty remembering to take their medications. We will explain how their work and provide free delivery of this service as needed.  Speak to your pharmacist to see how if this service will help with organizing and remembering to take your meds.


Smoking Cessation:

Our pharmacists are trained to help you with smoking and tobacco addiction when you’re ready to take your first step or ready to be successful after many futile attempts. Smoking cessation is the key for a healthier lifestyle.


We accept all major drug insurance plans

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